No Tesco delivery = no creative sustenance

I’ve been out of action for a considerable time with flu but have just published No. 21 in

This CPD certificate was well earned and received in Banbury and I’m adapting for Freud Museum in May …. watch this space …

Tesco oh Tesco

No deliveries till Saturday , Tesco metro closed

It’s cold turkey for me

But I have no Bernard Matthews in the freezer , just ice for gin and tonics, peas, some crumbs and one of those yellow sticky tags that are on loaves of cut bread…..

I’ve got lots of tins though , my parents taught me from their time of war rations to always have tins and bacon rashons ..

I’ve also got a husband who is strong and can do all sorts of things to survive, like make gloves from rabbit skins, so I’m sure we’ll be ok…

Tesco delivery man and my friend

I was very excited that Tesco delivery man came when I had a visitor – the one and only Julie Andrew’s – in the photo she is holding a pack of 4 Simple soap.   These days many use liquid soap, but I enjoy seeing how long I can continue using the thin piece of soap left at the end, I rub it on myself until it disintegrates, great pleasure.

I love having visitors, this is why I love the #Tesco delivery men because they are so regular and don’t ever out stay their welcome.  Julie is so funny she would never out stay her welcome.  I paid her to buy the kindle version of my book and she has written a ‘verified customer’ five star review of my latest book Mind Full of Mad Verse.  She has said something like – it is so funny you need Tena Lady Pants.

Talking of which, do please sign up to my blog

I’ve just done a new entry about moped Mike but he doesn’t enter, he wasn’t a boyfriend, it’s just a teaser for the men in cars section of the book.img_0984


No Tesco till the weekend as I’m busy passing my shopping centre #mobility scooter test

I had to go to the Apple shop again in Bromley Glades before my year guarantee ran out on my iPhone. Apart from at the Olympic’s I’ve never used a mobility scooter. I was very pleased to pass my test which involved driving round cones in figures of 8 in the car park in forward and reverse . Trouble is , my license only lasts for 3 months so I’d have to take up shopping to keep it valid. It’s fun though , trying to keep the doors open of lifts and negotiating other shoppers, and only £3 for an afternoon , much cheaper than the bumper cars.

Oh, talking of cars don’t forget to keep up with blog …. all about cars

Dreaming of change

One of my readers dreamt I changed from Tesco to Asda. I wasn’t aware Asda do deliveries but I’ve just googled and they do . When I am really bored one day (boredom = depression/suppression) I shall look into this. But then I would have to get to know different delivery people and they would have to get used to my routine of how we work together in entry and unpacking. A lot to think about. There is also the possibility that readers are bored with my Tesco blog, which I can do nothing about at this point in time.

Tesco Delivery organised fours after landing at Gatwick

It was lovely to see Marco who was one of the first delivery men who I photographed last year, what a lovely welcome home.  Check out my tanned face and fluffy mules.

Since I have been out of the country Tesco have been advertising lots of meal deals for Valentines day.  I have an issue with this as if all the items don’t arrive you are charged the full price.  Pre-empting any disappointment, I rang customer services and spoke with Greg and he said not to worry, if they don’t all arrive he will refund me so effectively whatever happens I will get the equivalent of a free bottle of champagne I can enjoy with my husband.

Thumbs up to old uncle Tesco, he’s a bit removed but kind at heart, on some level and his delivery drivers are ace.

Look out for latest boyfriend coming tonight …