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I have a special affinity with Jade. Firstly she was my nurse at Surrey Docks Dental surgery before she went on Big Brother, secondly I auditioned that same year for the series.

In the first part of the Channel 4 Jade documentary they showed her original VHS audition tape, among a few others. I watched in fear that mine would be shown. It was a bizarre VHS I sent in but possibly the producers saw, although I was clearly a wounded healer, I wasn’t as troubled as Jade and wouldn’t provide the same entertainment, but who knows? I’m likely to have sunbathed naked back then.

Jade was much younger than me and no way would the producers have wanted two girls coming from Bermondsey (I’m an Essex girl of course but lived and worked in Bermondsey for nearly two decades ). I got off lightly and so did my family. Jade sadly not.

I have been obsessed with all the Big Brother series, as is my fascination with all groups, my step daughter now has me hooked on Love Island, oh dear. The nearest I ever got to be on Big Brother is studying and being in group Psychotherapy for two years, and then facilitating writing as therapy, supervision and counsellors groups. Groups can be fierce, even in therapy.

Coming back to loneliness, firstly Perverse Verse on 26th September is on the ‘loneliness’ issue (invite coming soon) and secondly, my very loved group psychotherapist, having helped so many of us for decades with our internal loneliness, took his life. I’d assumed he’d died of a heart attack or something similar and found out of his suicide at his funeral.

The last time I saw my group therapist was 2017 at the show I did at The Guild of Psychotherapists, he laughed and laughed and we enjoyed a glass of red wine after the show. Watching the Jade documentary made me think of him.

Very very sad.

Happy Pickled Walnuts time of the year

Tesco no longer sell pickled walnuts. I’d been aware of this for a while in the Tesco delivery run ups to Xmas.  I seriously thought I would do without this year and then I began to realise how important they are for me.

Xmas eve and my husband, once discovering what was the matter, went on a mission and found some in Sainsbury’s.  Now Xmas can begin, disliking it just that little bit less now I have a walnut.   I eat one, then I’m bored and like to have one in a few months time.   I enjoy watching them in the fridge, every week or two I pick  up the jar to change shelves and bounce them around in the jar.

3rd Tesco Delivery Woman in a year …..

She surprised me while I was participating in a yoga u tube workout …

With holidays upon us and lots of children doing different things, my latest blog posts for from essex to london in 101 boyfriends of Pelekas amalgamations, similarly to most Easyjet flights to Corfu, will be delayed .  It is written but needs a little more editing time. This however provides a chance for newer readers to catch up on reading previous posts over the holidays ….


Tesco Delivery, hair dressing, naughty knees and aging…..

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Don’t forget readers .. there is always a reason ……

Day 32 of knee injury – as one begins to get better the other is now playing up, naughty knees ….. having one’s hair done makes such a difference to how one feels about life (if one has hair of course).  I used to wonder why it was so important for my mother and as life goes on, hair dressing becomes ever more important to me, I expect it will be the chiropodist next, but not for a few years yet, I hope.



Freud Museum show and day 21 of knee injury..

What an amazing place to perform … 4 in 5 loved the show , 1 in 5 hated it … it used to be 1 in 4 ….. what a shame that mental health statistics aren’t going down in the same way …

I’ve got an mcl/meniscus tear … it’s painful …. performing is a wonderful release/distraction …..

On the upside, the pain cuts through MS sensations and I can focus on this injury that will get better …. irony being that I did it in yoga and yoga is the cure … just keep moving just keep moving ..

talking of moving .. don’t forget to keep your eye out for Boyfriend No. 39 … the transition to London ..

from Essex to London in 101 boyfriends .com


I was going to advertise my show (#Sex, politics and men with grey/white beards) which is on at the Freud Museum on Saturday , however , I have found out it has already sold out. It’s just like being back at the Edinburgh fringe on a rainy week.

I am so excited as never have I taken part in an exhibition on masturbation (they are calling it ‘solitary pleasures’)

I play solitaire all the time … and this picture is of my highest score …

p.s in other news , I’m nearly on my way to London in my other blog